Jute Products

Jute Yarn
Jute Netting
Jute Mesh
Soil Erosion Control Fabric
Jute fabric
Jute netting - errosion control
Soil Erosion Fabric
biodegradable and environmentally safe
available in bales and rolls
Jute Fabric
Burlap/Hessian Fabric
Natural Jute Fiber
Jute Fabrics
Burlap fabric
Jute fabric
available plain or dyed
available in
bales and on rolls
Jute Twine
Nursery Liners / Squares
Jute Felt
Burlap fabric
Burlap fabric
Jute Felt
natural and dyed
all sizes made of
7-10 oz jute;
treated and non-treated
available in various
weights and lengths