Welcome to Global Traders, Inc.

Global Traders, Inc. imports and distributes jute products for the carpet, horticultural, cable and automobile industries, as well as the geo-textile industry for soil erosion control:

  • Jute yarn and twine
  • Burlap/hessian bags
  • Burlap/hessian tubes (plain & spiral)
  • Burlap/hessian fabric (bales and rolls)
  • Jute felt
  • Jute mesh/soil erosion control fabric
  • Jute netting fabrics
  • Jute fiber
  • Nursery liners and squares
  • Wall-to-wall prayer rugs

Global Traders focuses on supplying high quality jute products and have developed a considerable reputation for quality control, customer service and timely delivery. Our success as a dependable and leading supplier of jute and jute goods is due to teaming with two leading jute mills (manufacturers) in Bangladesh. We have

  • strict quality control and supervision
  • adherence to buyer specifications
  • earnest maintenance of supply schedules and shipment
  • firm commitment to all buyers, and
  • excellent, reliable and long terms relationships with major jute manufacturers